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The Cityfox Experience: an inside view

All photos by Lukasz Koziol
Text by Marite

For the past few years, we’ve seen how Cityfox – with the support of Listed – have delivered some of the best parties in the NY area; and their April 9th experience was no exception. Seeing the attendees’ faces, you could tell that the expectations were high while entering the massive warehouse.


From the moment we walked in, there was a feeling of being immersed in a dreamy environment, in which every spot had something to offer. Every room had state of the art lighting and sound, something common at every Cityfox event. The warm up duties were assigned to Nikita. He greeted the early crowd with his unique, melodic sound and set the tone for what was coming next in the main stage.


Meanwhile, in the Foxhall room, San Francisco-schooled producer, DJ, and vocalist Kevin Knapp was creating a funkier atmosphere, showcasing his Bay Area style. In this more intimate space you could feel the high energy as soon as you walked in. Even from a distance you could tell the crazy vibes by watching the energized crowd with their hands in the air as Kevin played some powerful tunes.


All this madness was creating the perfect mood for Ms. Cassy Britton to do her usual and bring the house down, showcasing a world-class selection of house and techno cuts. As everyone would expect, her set was full of grooves and high energy, truly evolving into one of the best sets of the night.


Culoe De Song was next at The Foxhall, his fusion of African drums and rare techno kept the crowd moving into the late hours; perfect to follow up Cassy’s explosive set.


We had some struggle reaching the second floor. The place was packed and everyone wanted to experience the top level, but when we got there it was totally worth the expedition. In the middle hall you could immerse yourself in some trippy lasers, or you could see a distorted version of yourself in the wall. Everywhere you turned, there was another fun spot to check out.


Jon Charnis was playing in The Chalet room. His absorbing sound made you want to stay there the whole night. His set, both dark and deep, gave an Innervisions kind of style to the upstairs room. After him, Job Jobse continued to deliver the goods, adding some percussions to the night and keeping the crowd in the proper state.


Next up at The Exhibition room was Justin Marchacos who performed a live set. The room was packed as he played a session full of vibrant tones, strong beats, and the occasional vocals. One thing that caught our attention was the screens around the room. They were intervened with silhouettes of famous art, and video mapped to perfection to create a unique and exquisite visual experience.


Finally, Lee Burridge was in charge of closing things at Cityfox. A perfect interplay between mellow sounds and techno made every attendee leave with a smile way into the morning hours.



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