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Claptone experiments with pop on his single ‘Golden’

The masked artist expands his musical frontiers.

The mysterious German DJ and producer Claptone has released new music, with which he has made it clear that he is not afraid of meddling with the pop genre. Titled ‘Golden’, the new song features the collaboration of Two Another.

With an electronic sound as its foundation, Claptone fuses new pop elements on this track, giving a fresh new sound to his music, which is complemented by the relaxed and soulful involvement of the London-based duo.

‘Golden’ is a very positive and powerful song. You remember all the difficult moments you had to go through and you realize how they made you much stronger (…) My hope is that, when you lose yourself in the rhythm and melody of the song, ‘Golden’ warms your heart, fills you with hope and joy, and makes you feel bright,’ said Claptone about the new release.

Listen to ‘Golden’ by Claptone & Two Another below.

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