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Clarian presents Web3/NFT streaming platform, Tamago

The official music solution for the NEAR Protocol Blockchain.

Electronic music producer and the first artist & developer to ever mint an NFT album, Clarian, has announced the launch of Tamago, a decentralized underground audio streaming platform.

Tamago aims to open up direct and transparent revenue models through a mix of Web3 and NFT technology. The platform has partnered with NEAR Protocol as the blockchain’s official music streaming solution, which is closely backed by the Human Guild.

Through Tamago, users are able to stream a range of decentrally hosted music from underground dance music artists, including ‘alpha artist backers’ Tiga, Visionquest, Guy Gerber, Michael Mayer, Guy J, and Tamago founder, Clarian.

The platform takes a non-invasive approach to content creation, leaving curation to artists and fan-led playlists, P2P engagement and customization of NFT sales and exclusive content, zero-ads, and dedicated liquidity support pools giving 100% of revenue back to artists.

‘We are thrilled to partner with NEAR on our shared vision to harness the power of Web3 and NFT tech to shake up mainstream airwaves. As an artist and music fan, I have always known there is a better solution out there for audio streaming defined by transparency and user experience instead of corporate greed. Tamago thrives on free-market monetization, aiming to put revenue back in the pockets of creators instead of massive companies like Spotify. We are a platform by and for artists and their fans’, says Clarian about his latest project.

Tamago will be starting with a full beta version set to launch in March. You can learn more about the platform here.

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