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Cristian Varela prepares a documentary celebrating his musical trajectory

Cristian Varela has maintained during the years an excellent reputation within the international electronic music scene. His experience and talent have gained him a privileged position amongst his fellow peers and been supported by lots of techno avid fans.

This year he is celebrating 25-years of his career. During this long road, the artist from Madrid has been a key person to understand the development of the electronic scene in Spain, a pioneer who laid the foundations of what today are considered fundamental aspects of this industry.

In order to look back at Cristian’s career he is currently immersed in the filming and production of  his own documentary, exploring the most important experiences he’s had over the years, an extensive journey in which Cristian talks about himself,  accompanied by all his close friends and artists that have played an important role in his life.

The documentary is on filming proccess and will be out during the last trimester of 2016.

For more info visit:

Christian Varela 1

Christian Varela 2

Meanwhile take a look at a recent Christian Varela live recording




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