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Danny Daze unveils new alias and releases debut EP ‘The Operator’

Out now via Slacker 85.

Photo credit: Danny Daze – Facebook

Miami-based DJ and producer Danny Daze recently introduced his latest project, a new alias called D33. His debut EP, entitled ‘The Operator’  is now available on Seth Troxler’s Slacker 85 label.

The EP begins with the energetic title track, available in two versions: the D33 ‘Wet Mix’ and the Danny Daze ‘Dry Mix’. On the B-side, ‘Azuca’ showcases powerful kicks and a foreboding bassline, crafting a haunting and intriguing ambiance. The collaboration ‘C’mon’ with Jonny From Space transports listeners on a captivating expedition through the immersive realm of D33.

Danny Daze expresses his thoughts, explaining that “D33 is a stage name that has been in my thoughts for a long time. It enables me to approach the production of dance music in a more straightforward manner, drawing inspiration from my roots in house music. The D33 tracks and DJ performances are deliberately designed to create a relaxed atmosphere, allowing me to establish a deeper connection with the audience. Prepare yourself for many sincere and genuine moments during my DJ sets… “

Listen to D33’s debut EP ‘The Operator’ below and download your copy here.

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