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Dario Dea records new session for Anathema Records Series

Created by Mexican DJs & producers Fec, Alerch & Cali, Anathema Records was conceived to promote all variants between the melodic house & techno. Anathema’s etymology comes from Ancient Greece, where people used this word in reference to offerings to the Gods.

Italian-born, Lisbon-based DJ & Producer, Dario Dea is known for a wide range of styles, ranging from disco-infused Indie Dance to a more energetic and deep club vibe. After more than 15 years of musical experience and production, Dario’s taste for music continues to evolve; with House and Techno as his primary genre, Dario’s sound is deeply rooted in a mix of blues, rock, and Jazz (with influences from Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, and Pat Metheny) and modern electronic beats from the underground world (Dixon, Âme, Gerd Janson). Dea has been a resident for Plus Minus (Dubai), Hovarda (UK), Parable (UK) and has released on prominent labels such as Anathema, Blue Shadows, MoBlack, Secret Fusion, Nein Records, and many others. Now, he delivers the latest installment in the Anathema Records Series.

This session was exclusively recorded to showcase the flavor of Anathema Records, in a one-hour journey through the label’s past, present, and future.

Listen to Anathema Records’ latest installment of their series delivered by Himbrecht below, and learn more about the mix, here.

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