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Denis Sulta unveils energetic new single ‘Ostia’

Now available via Sulta Selects.

Photo Credit: Denis Sulta – Official

Denis Sulta has marked the arrival of spring 2024 with his latest single, ‘Ostia.’ This release follows a period of introspection that culminated in his 2023 track, ‘World Of Flies.’

‘Ostia’ is energetic and colorful, showcasing the artist’s musical evolution and distinctive style. The track combines Balearic rhythms, intricate melodies, and expansive synth harmonies to craft an infectious groove that encapsulates the ‘Sulta’ sound.

In Denis Sulta’s words, ‘Ostia’ for me is a real return to the Sulta sound that I really felt comfortable with, but with a slightly new set of skills and a different end goal. It was influenced a lot by Swedish legends DJ Seinfeld & Storken, as well as killer house assassin Danny Snowden. ‘Ostia’ is a small town just outside of Rome, but the track title has nothing to do with it.”

Listen to ‘Ostia’ below and secure your copy here.

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