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DJ Heartstring and Narciss collaborate on ‘Why Can’t We Live Forever?’

Also released their first single, ‘Heartbreak Repair System.’

Photo Credit: DJ HEARTSTRING/Narciss – Facebook

Berlin-based DJ duo, DJ HEARTSTRING, has teamed up with Narciss to release their latest EP entitled ‘Why Can’t We Live Forever?’ on October 27th via Polydor. The announcement comes with the release of their first single, ‘Heartbreak Repair System.’

The EP features DJ HEARTSTRING’s take on the hard, fast trance sound with an accessible pop tinge, making it club-ready. The collaboration between the Berlin-based producers was born out of their natural synergy and speed in the studio. Narciss, known for their musical unpredictability and vast knowledge, brings a key element of groove and swing to the EP. This is evidenced by their ability to move people both physically and emotionally across multiple genres.

Listen to ‘Heartbreak Repair System’ below and get your copy here.

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