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DJ T. Prepares To Release His New LP ‘Trans Orient Express’

DJ T. prepares to release his new LP ‘Trans Orient Express’

It will be the fourth studio album in his career.

DJ T. is about to release a new 12-track LP that is entitled ‘Trans Orient Express’ via Get Physical Music.

This record will be released after 9 years since his last album, ‘The Pleasure Principle’ (2011). The mentioned before was very demanding for the artist; so much, that he thought he would not do another. However, the German said that he started “a new personal path” that made him return to the studio, “full of inspiration and with a new musical perspective”. Adding to that, DJ T. said, “I freed myself from the self-imposed style boundaries I had tried to stay in before and for that reason it was so much more fun again”.

The artist will embark on a new world tour, starting in mid-March 2020 in Europe’s eastern territories and continue till spring 2021.

‘Trans Orient Express’ will be released on March 13th. Listen to the snippets below and grab your copy here

DJ T – Trans Orient Express – Get Physical Music

01. Sol Oriens
02. Trans Orient Express
03. Bedouin Ride
04. One Thousand And Two Nights
05. D​ü​nya feat. Hande
06. Next Stop Konstantinopel
07. Remish
08. Call Of The Ney
09. An Arab in Beverly Hills
10. Harem Disco
11. Bazar Break Battle
12. I Wear My Sunglasses In Marrakesh


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