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Djena & Swann Decamme – H2YPE – Time Has Changed

Djena & Swann Decamme – H2YPE – Time Has Changed

The French pair comprised of Djena and Swann Decamme has been on a roll so far this year, the producers now land on the label Time Has Changed with their hypnotic 4-tracker ‘H2YPE’ EP.

The EP feels minimalistic in style, only making room for the essential elements that carry these stories along. Album opener, ‘H2YPE’, is a slow burner, tribal-oriented track that features an infectious vocal chant. Working like a mantra, the voices reminisce of aboriginal rituals, bound to put clubbers under its trance. The duo also delivers an ‘Instrumental Mix’, which without the vocal chants provides the illusion of bigger percussions, and feels more primal.

All these colorful moments provide a wealth of material for their compatriot, and Time Has Changed label boss Timid Boy, who imagines a truly creative take on ‘H2YPE’, bending and blending genres to his will. Timid Boy reworks the beat for a dub-ier taker, as it struts confidently. Here, big, lush chords step in and out of the light, working like breaths of fresh air, injecting new life into the voyage. But, for all the movement of its bit and pieces, the remix feels extremely spacious.

For the final act, Djena & Swann Decamme deliver ‘ELA’. This final cut sees the duo take a left-field detour, as their circuit-bending micro-exploration, founded on the back of an unpredictable groove, provides one of the EP’s most beautiful and memorable moments towards its finale, for it to echo in our heads. Evermore. 

Djena & Swann Decamme‘s ‘H2YPE’ EP is out now. You can listen to it below, and grab your copy here.

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