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Down the rabbit hole at Guy J’s We Are Lost Festival

Legend has it, that every once in a while, someone appears in the electronic scene destined to break the mold. To really blur the boundaries that separate what’s real from pure imagination. The one that reinvents the game. In the case of progressive house, that name is Guy J. Together with the Lost & Found cast of wizards, they provided a night for the history books.

In general terms, the evolution of Guy J since his first visits to Argentina has been immeasurable. So much that there is almost no club that has the capacity to meet the real demand for tickets. Sold out after sold out, that also made many of us pose our ears in several of his Israeli countrymen. Today, the Lost & Found label collective is received as progressive royalty in these lands, to the point that his creator has decided that it would become a new stop for his We Are Lost Festival.

In the heart of the Buenos Aires waterfront, The Bow and Oasis complexes opened their doors in synchro, for the start of a magical outdoors night, accompanied by a semi-tropical climate. Upon entering, the reception was already electric. The fact of having to travel a small section to the outdoor stages, only amped that beautiful feeling, that rush that we all get when we go to festivals and we approach the source of the music that at some point sounded far away.

For this special occasion, two interconnected scenarios were set up, in which we had the presentations of 8 different artists including Stereo Underground, Eli Nissan, Chicola, Sahar Z, Roy Rosenfeld, Khen, Guy Mantzur and the owner of the circus, the magician himself, Guy J. In the Oasis, Eli Nissan was responsible for heating the DJ booth, with a beautiful and eclectic blend of progressive, honoring his musical roots. Nissan‘s past life as a professional musician is noticeable, from the conception of the sounds that predominated throughout the set, as well as the assembly of the tracklist itself. And people danced, enjoying the comfortable space available on the dancefloor during the early hours of the festival. Meanwhile, on the opposite side, Stereo Underground received the newly admitted clubbers with his high-flying progressive. Taking advantage of the energy and expectations set, Stereo did not waste a minute of his Live Set, loading everyone up in his spaceship, for a lap that would have some of his most recognizable tracks, such as ‘Higher Ground’ and the hit ‘Flashes’, which had an unparalleled reception by the souls on the floor.

Along with midnight, the first swap came in each of the scenarios. Chicola took the stage at The Bow, while Sahar Z received the booth from Eli Nissan at Oasis. The first one did not hesitate to continue blazing the trail left by Stereo Underground and set forth with his progressive tech line, characterized by its emphasis on groove and sporadic melodies, which contrast as rays of light in full darkness. Meanwhile, in the Oasis Stage, Sahar was raising the temperature with a set loaded with his own productions, completely unleashing the crowd that was already packed and eager to dance until the first rays of sun in the imposing view that offered the We Are Lost Festival.

With both dancefloors red hot, and full of an incomparable vibe, it was time for a new change. Khen doubled down on Chicola‘s bet, bringing to the floor a slightly more techno sound, with mastery and pride in a set designed to crack the scene from the first track. Just two hours were enough to leave an indelible mark on the crowd, the same one that Guy Mantzur would later take on. Meanwhile, back at the Oasis, Roy Rosenfeld shone in a set full of sensations. Here, thousands of souls, brimming with emotions, commended themselves to the trip proposed by one of the members of Lost & Found that stands out for his melodies that regularly challenge the imagination of the listener.

The clocks were already at 4 AM, indicating that it was time for the last act of this fantasy story, one that it captivated and trapped two entire stages for hours; thousands of people who went to listen to a story. One they had never heard before. On the terrace of The Bow, the legendary Guy Mantzur had the honor of closing after Khen‘s fabulous set. A pure groove, an infectious selection of melodies, and matchless class behind the decks, Mantzur made it clear why even his own Lost & Found teammates admire him as a DJ. Unstoppable, Guy Mantzur raised the dancefloor to new heights, for a closing of pure bliss and frenzy.

To understand and appreciate what was going to happen on the Oasis stage, one must understand that none of this would have been possible if it were not for a guy in his mid-thirties, who has done nothing more than pursuing dreams and making them come to life. Guy J embarked on an adventure that he might not even have imagined back in 2007, when ‘Save Me’ was picked up by John Digweed for his iconic Bedrock Records. Thirteen years later, the Israeli producer and DJ is a holy word in the progressive realm, redefining the genre with its unique sound and becoming an inspiration for thousands of young producers around the world. Thirteen years later, he owns one of the most successful labels in the genre with his Lost & Found brand. And, thirteen years later, he is setting up his own festival, with the friends that music gave him, in one of the countries where he enjoys playing the most.

For three hours, the magician made appear and disappear endless sounds and melodies at will, intertwining moments to contemplate, with beats from another galaxy, designed to wear out soles on the dancefloor. With some recognizable tracks like ‘Day Of Light’ among a cataract of music that will appear as ‘IDs’ in the tracklists that those who were present yesterday will try to put together, Guy J wove a unique story. One that merged into one with the sunrise, in front of a full crowd until the last moment. A crowd that saw this guy drop tears of happiness. Some kind of happiness that perhaps, thirteen years ago, he would not have believed existed.

Watch the IG stories from that night here.

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