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“This mix reflects our desire to be back behind the decks and every track is like a scream of rebirth. Listen it loud, remembering how nice it was when we danced all together, enjoy!” – Modular Project

Formed in 2014 by the Italian DJs Alberto Iovine and Alessandro Fumagalli, Modular Project is an eclectic duo with a sound defined by powerful drums and driving synths, heavily influenced by New Wave and the Italo disco sounds of the ’80s.

Modular Project first rose to prominence with their fresh remix of the Blond:ish classic ‘Wizard of Love’. Released on Rebirth Records, the track became one the label’s most requested of the year. The duo followed up their success by founding their own imprint Nothing is Real, then releasing a seven-track compilation of up-and-coming artists opened by Modular Projects themselves, with the title track ‘Nothing Is Real’ showcasing their synth-driven, emotional music as it builds from an ethereal introduction to an uplifting, killer crescendo.

Further collaboration on Rebirth gained more attention for the pair in 2018, with single ‘Leaving’ getting the remix treatment from both Danish producer Kasper Bjørke and the legendary Acid Pauli. 2018 also saw the duo release their ‘Substance’ EP on the Beachcoma label, and they soon began to play regularly at some of Europe’s most prestigious clubs.

2019 has seen Modular Project rise to global notoriety, with their recent release ‘1981’ on hfn music causing a stir and the electrifying Kraut-techno track ‘Past Present Future’ appearing in sets from high-profile DJs across the globe. An inspired collaboration with classically trained artist Eleonora on ‘Vivid Poison’ followed a pioneering track that showcases Modular Project’s ability to combine emotional, soulful vocals with dynamic rhythms to create a sound that is both evocative of the past and representative of the future.

2020 started in the best way, releasing their “rock’n’roll” track ‘Supernova’ in the Second compilation series of the Parisian label Motordiscs along Sascha Funke, Massimiliano Pagliara and Concrete&Cantor reaching the number one position on Beatport Indie Dance Chart.

1. Cantor – Hannet’s Dream (Modular Project Isolation Rework)
2. Whomadewho – Inside World (Daniel Maloso Remix)
3. Wolfstream – Khoomei (Theus Mago Remix)
4. Kimshies – Fucked Up Mama (Arthur Johnson Bonus Remix)
5. Rina – Yoav (Original Mix)
6. Fort Romeau – Fantasia (Original Mix)
7. Modular Project feat Ravintsara – The Alchemist (Damon Jee Remix)
8. Teniente Castillo feat Megane – All The Way Down (Original Mix)
9. Mufti feat Vongold – Inverse (Original Mix)
10. John Noseda feat Surahn – Our Time Will Come Again (Prins Thomas Remix)
11. Odopt – Black Cuts (Edit)

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