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“I am pleased to dedicate this mix to the return of social gatherings and the gift of real human connection after the reset we all experienced in the last year and a half. The set includes “Solstice No.9” — a collaboration track with Epstein from our ‘Cosmic Dream EP’. It also showcases an unreleased track of mine called ‘Mountain Rising’, as well as music by some of my favorite artists including Diass, Hraach, Nhii, Raw Main and many more” – Sarkis Mikael

Sarkis Mikael is a music producer and DJ who creates eclectic electronic music. The Los Angeles-based artist has taken crowds from Los Angeles to Beirut on journeys of physical abandon and inner discovery via his therapeutic, globally-influenced rhythms and melodies.

Sarkis’ releases on The Soundgarden, Sol Selectas, Hoomidaas, and other labels of note touch dance music’s subterranean reaches, drawing out the listener’s emotional core through organic instrumentation and synthetic exploration.

As founder of Deep House LA and co-founder of NCTRNL Records, Sarkis has worked to establish a foundational community for deep house through his conviction that the right sound vibrations combined with the right state of mind can heal and transform us.

01. Nhii – So no Koto ft. Juandros
02. Diass – La Luna (Original Mix)
03. Greg Ochman – Stellar Ocean (Original Mix)
04. Raw Main – Sodlita (Original Mix)
05. DSF, VICTHOR – Luna (Dub)
06. Greg Ochman – Enjoy The Stars (Original Mix)
07. Sarkis Mikael – Mountain Rising
08. Rauschhaus – Patara Soil (Original Mix)
09. Budakid – Silent Summer (Original Mix)
10. Sarkis Mikael, Epstein – Solstice No.9
11. Soul Button – Circadian Rhythm (Hraach Remix)

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