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EG.942 Dyzen

Dyzen is the musical signature of Francesco Perrone, a young Italian producer, who through music wants to tell his story. Founded in 2018, it will quickly begin its ascent through the most established and solid realities of the international electronic music scene.

His productions, rooted in soundscapes ranging from purely techno rhythmic structures to more psychedelic and nostalgic melodic lines, will immediately land on the most influential record labels worldwide: Afterlife, Oddity, Fabric, Impressum, attracting the attention and constant support of the most acclaimed DJs and contemporary artists like Tale of us, Artbat, Adriatique and Mind Against.

In a constant search for innovation, Dyzen aims to break the boundaries between past, present, and future, taking his music to the next level, made of contrasting vibes and sensations, ready to blend harmoniously into a new dimension.

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