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EG SPOTLIGHT.007 Javier Duke

Javier Duke is a pioneering-Dj of the underground house scene in his hometown Cartagena de Indias. He taught himself and created his own DJ technique in 1983. He has been committed to music since his early ages, always being linked to local radio stations and recording studios back in the 80’s and 90’s.

He graduated as a Sound Engineer in the US in 1993 and then returned to the capital of Colombia to work in some renowned recording studios.

In 1999, he went back to Cartagena to dedicate fully to the DJ career, and created the first underground house club in the city. “Oz lounge”

This place quickly became a fundamental cornerstone of the local and national electronic scene and served as seedbed for local DJs such as Cesar Caballero and Fiona Beeson, among others,

He has been part of the electronic scene in cities like Boston, New York, Miami, and Bogota, and in international festivals like BPM Mexico, and has shared booth with recognized DJs like Marco Carola, Satoshie Tomie, Nina Kravitz, Desyn Massielo, among others.

And now, with his partner Cesar Caballero, he is bringing a new project to Cartagena called TEMPO. A place dedicated to the underground DJ culture.

Javier Duque is considered the sole DJ of his generation and has been for decades the guide and inspiration of the new generation of local DJ due to his untiring contribution to the electronic scene in Cartagena de Indias.

1. Andrea Cassino – De Los Alpes (Soundteller Records)
2. Khen – Carolina (Lost & Found)
3. Cornucopia – Neverland (microCastle)
4. Guy Mantzur – Stolen Memory (Plattenbank)
5. Cid inc – Moonstruck (Sudbeat Music)
6. Khen – Epidemic (Lost & Found)
7. Khen – Never Lose Your Inocence (Sudbeat Music)
8. Grojí – Love You Do (Traum)

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