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EG SPOTLIGHT.012 The Mansisters

The Mansisters latest release ‘Sisters & Brothers Vol.1’ is available to buy here:

The Mansisters is a new series of releases under hfn music, curated by Kasper Bjørke and Sexy Lazer. Sitting in one of their weekly steambath sessions, the two friends, DJs and studio collaborators came to the conclusion that instead of starting a label themselves, they should team up with an established imprint and focus on what they really like – making tracks and discovering great new music from their friends (hence Brothers & Sisters).

Refusing to be limited by genre, the two Copenhagen residents will be taking us on a journey all over the place – as evidenced with the first EP by their very own project: The Mansisters.

Vol.1 features six tracks in total, three of which are original tracks that have been more than a year in the making. Ranging from the late night space techno banger ‘Airplane Mode’, the mariachi horn infused political manifesto of ‘Imperialista’ feat. Arni – to the stoned highway arpeggio synth ‘n’ bongo house of ‘Acid Route 66’ – each is as unique as it is fresh.

01. Time & Space Intro – Sky Deep
02. Dreams – Charcoals
03. Bonjo – Konsulat
04. Restart (Fufanu Remix) – Fufanu
05. Missing Synth – Brutkho
06. Losers Hymn – Talaboman
07. Corridor (Marvin & Guy Remix) – Deltawerk
08. Ways To Go (Red Axes Mix) – Weval
09. Deo (Pachanga Boys New Blazer Edit) – Roman Fluegel
10. Airplane Mode (Whatever/Whatever Remix) – The Mansisters
11. Esc (Prins Thomas Diskomiks) – Lauer

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