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DJ/Sound Engineer Sam Zenn is a spirited artist who has proven his dedication to his craft, through his relentless pursuit to provide music lovers with his enlightening sound.

Sam Zenn has been persistently dispensing his distinctive DJ approach to music fans for over 6 years. He has established a solid reputation for himself in the electronic music community and is progressing with a tenacity that shows no ceasing.

Cutting his teeth in Toronto’s underground music scene in the late 90’s, Sam Zenn’s career sprung forth when he became a resident DJ at one of North America’s hottest and highly acclaimed afterhour clubs, Gorg-O-Mish (Vancouver), in 2011. Effortlessly exposing Canada’s west coast to the underground techy/minimal sounds of the east coast, SAM instantly gained recognition in the scene.

After 50 remarkable shows in Vancouver in the short and successful time frame of 2 years, Sam Zenn returned to Toronto’s underground music playground in 2012 to sustain his need to broaden his career horizons. He prides himself on auspicious opportunities that led to him to reveal his talent at some of Toronto’s hottest venues, such as Nest, Parlour, Acid Lounge (inside the legendary Guvernment), Sunnyside Pavilion, and the world renowned and very loved, Footwork..

His sets offer a full range of hypnotic beats/melodies, soul-bound vocals and pounding bass lines that exceed current traditional genres of electronic music. His signature “ZENN” sound can be noticeably heard while he facilely mixes a perfectly timed flow of meticulously selected tracks. The ability to hypnotize the crowd and synchronize the listener’s heart and soul to that of the music with his versatile taste and undeniable mixing skills is something to be experienced and admired.

1. Max Cooper, Tom Hodge – Myth
2. Helly Larson – On Falling
3. Modd – Vtown
4. Sven Weisemann – Slices (Ripperton’s Riding High sRemix)
5. In2Deep, Fulltone – Vine of the Soul
6. Leo Grunbaum – Cruxes Credo
7. Raul Garcia, Slurm, Yasser Fadul – The Way It Has To Be (Mirror Touch Remix)
8. Krink – The Search
9. Lomidze – Dub Storm (Eugene Dolz Remix)
10. Doubtingthomas – Pousser des Ailes
11. VONDA7 – Beautiful Loneliness
12. Scuba – All I Think About Is Death (Radio Slave Remix)
13. Landside – Signs Of Change (Bambounou Remix)
14. Daniel Sanchez – Yi (Doubtingthomas Into The Abyss Remix)
15. Nature of Music – One Last Time

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