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EG SPOTLIGHT.025 Tommy Mundell

Tommy Mundell is first and foremost a music lover that spins a varied amount of styles, whilst producing a unique atmosphere through his careful selection. Having performed at countless events across the country, creating successful branded events such as Cartel and more recently Crescendo and hosting an array of infamous parties throughout the south of England, it’s safe to say Tommy Mundell knows how to throw a party. As a professionally trained electronic musician, his time spent in the studio has resulted in productions that have been praised across the world for their creativity and artistry. With releases on independent labels such as Sonic Heavy Records and receiving accolades from the tastemakers at DJ Mag, Tommy Mundell continues to progress in all aspects of the industry. His most recent release was the 5 track E.P ‘Travelling Lights’.

Beginning his musical journey in 2001, Tommy has played alongside many respected artists, which has helped him become the professional musician that he is today. You can hear this in his productions and his deep, driving, percussive and ambient deejay sets. Bringing something new with him every time he enters into a space to play, the lengths Tommy has gone to in order to create something unique and fresh are well respected, fusing elements of house, techno and anything which is strange and beautiful to create his own unique sound images. He has travelled across the world in search of the most cutting edge and emotive sounds, from America, Asia and all across Europe. These experiences have had a huge impact on Tommy and continue to influence his musical creations. These moments have played a huge role in the development of his sound and the results can be heard on dance floors across the UK and the world.

Recently, the inception of his latest brand ‘Crescendo’, which he co-promotes, has been a top priority for Tommy. As the anticipation for the upcoming event begins to grow, he is working away behind the scenes to make sure they are the best parties possible. With cutting edge deep house, Detroit techno and minimal cuts in his record collection, Tommy Mundell knows how to deliver what his audience wants to hear. You can be sure that these are events you don’t want to miss.

Covering all bases is something that few people can do, and even less can do well, but Tommy continues to push the boundaries and excel in everything he loves. With a level of passion and motivation that few people possess, the future is looking bright for Tommy Mundell.

1. Voightman – Double Mind Reverse (Hello Repeat)
2. Tommy Mundell – Niya (Sonic Heavy)
3. Depka – The Ash Lagoon / John Dimas remix (Sukhumvit)
4. Glooped – Data (Vade Mecum)
5. Derek Carr – Sub System 7 (Why so Series)
6. Rayam, Shmeck – Salema (Melotherapy)
7. Lizz – Ions Move (Eastenderz)
8. Tommy Mundell – Scholars Become Guardians (Sonic Heavy)
9. Moi – 04 – Untitled B
10. Ritmico – Naiv Ritm (Contur Records)
11. Ricardo Villalobos – Sunpad (a:rpia:r)
12. Baertaub – Wolke (Paragram)

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