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EG SPOTLIGHT.044 Yuichirou Miyamoto

Yuichirou Miyamoto started his DJ career in Tokyo in 2012. After DJing mainly in major clubs of the city, including AgeHa, Air, Womb, Vision and Asia, where he was a regular DJ for a year, he moved to Osaka in 2014 and shifted his focus towards progressive and techno sounds that he now balances with house and deep tones.

In May 2015, Yuichirou already got to put out a quality release on the renowned UK based imprint Prison Entertainment. Later that year, he released another EP, ‘5m EOS EP’, on She’s Super Records. Apart from supporting international DJs and performing at clubs like SiiNE or RACK, he’s also been resident DJ at ALZAR, a newly opened club in Osaka, for over a year.

01. Endless Overcast (Original Mix) / Ilya Orange / LANDR, Self-Released
02.199 mg (Original Mix) / Costin Rp / Kollektor
03. Crocodile (Yuichirou Miyamoto Remix) / NAKAMURA / DataGroove
04. Cayucos (Original Mix) / Reyam, Schmeck / Melotherapy
05. Resilience (Original Mix) / Alberth / APTANG
06. Arboria (Original Mix) / Stereocalypse / Voltaire Music
07. Beyond the Hustle and Bustle (Original Mix) / Yuichirou Miyamoto / A MUST HAVE
08. Departures (Original Mix) / Cheric & Amin / SYMB
09. Consciousness (Original Mix) / Marcelo Wallace / An5oul Tracks
10. Boreal (Original Mix) / Lefrenk / Deep Different

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