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Great electronic music activist, Satseg is a producer of house music. He began in the music world by becoming artistic director of clubs like Colisée (Nantes/France) and at O’Jacaré (Angers/France).

Furthermore, he worked for the Dragsonor Label based in Ibiza and Paris. In the same way, he created the Artik label. He was the president and organized many events in Nantes and Angers with guests such as Salut C’est Cool.

Afterwards, he worked for the Festival Les Nuits Electriques with artists such as Traumer, Apollonia, Dixon, Charlotte De Witte, Amélie Lens, Un*Deux, Max Cooper and many others.

Sensitive to music since childhood. Marc Satseg discovered this universe by the piano. Afterwards, he specialized with drums. The classical side of these instruments no longer satisfied him and he embarked on the mix and the musical production. Inspired by artists such as Francesco Del Garda, Traumer, Max Vaahs, Sonja Moonear, … He exerts his talents as a producer to create 90’s house sounds.

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