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EG SPOTLIGHT.128 Goran Meyer

German-based Dj and producer Goeran Meyer first discovered his love for electronic music and the underground scene after visiting the legendary Love Parade festival in Berlin which soon saw him running his own successful club nights and events in his native Mageburg and the surrounding areas, sharing the booth with the likes of Bill Youngman, Markus Welby, Cannibal Cooking Club and Hanno Hinkelbein amongst others at leading venues such as the infamous Tresor and 1040 Leipzig.

His career then took the natural path into the exciting yet daunting world of production with his introverted personality shining through his bass-heavy, dancefloor based sound. Quickly building himself a solid foundation for his music signing tracks to the likes of Tulipa Recordings, Wonnemusik, Fine Beatz, and Infradig whilst gaining awareness from high profile brands such as Joop !, Schwarzkopf, and Syoss who loved his deep, underground tech-house beats.

01. Scarecrow – Be Svendsen
02. The Return Of Time (Original Mix) – Kind Of One
03. Scarecrow Be Svendsen
04. Uncedo feat. Yolanda Fyrus – Ian Ludvig & LAYOS
05. Odace – Albanø
06. Namba – Habitat & Leo Arató
07. Son Of Rouge (youANDme 2020 EDIT) – Dennis Ferrer vs. St.Germain
08. Relocate ft. Stereo Mc’s (Rodriguez Jr. Remix) – Re.You Maison
09. Why Do You Worry (Original Mix) – K.E.E.N.E., Jackie Plummer
10. Cha (Cee Elassaad Voodoo Mix) – Elias
11. Vishaya (Original Mix) – Modd

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