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Pippi Ciez & Idd Azziz recently released ‘Riziki’ EP via All Day I dream. Stream and buy here

Pippi Ciez is a humbled individual. Despite having made a fair living for himself DJing at a young age, the British talent realized that his purpose was behind the scenes, helping others reach their dreams in the industry. Pippi has since spent the majority of his career building his reputation as a top-notch teacher and mentor, working with largely underprivileged youth across the UK (and India, for a year) to show the art of production. A fulfilled life Pippi has lived, indeed.

The teacher was still an artist at heart, however, with a ceaseless hunger to express himself creatively. This only became magnified after re-discovering his love for house music—especially that of the deep, melodic variety. After sending his productions out into the electronic void for a few years, he caught the attention of All Day I Dream owner Lee Burridge, who promptly brought him into the label fold. His debut came in the form of “Riziki,” a powerful collaboration with vocalist Idd Aziz that tugs at the heartstrings with Aziz’s impassioned voice and moving harmonies. Lush percussive layers speak to the primal part of our psyche, adding to its power. 

Inspired by his work and his studio prowess, we’ve slotted Pippi in for our latest addition of EG Afters, where he encapsulates his sound with a mixture of tracks from the likes of Pablo Bolivar, Navar, Hraach, Armin Miran, Rowee, and more. Listen for a spot of warm bliss as the Autumn chill begins to take over. 

01. Nairobi D – Motion (Original Mix)
02. Palo Bolivar – Senda (Luca Bacchetti Endless Remix)
03. ID – ID
04. Different Ray – Deep Lake (Charlie V Remix)
05. Hraach, Armen Miran – Sarer Jan feat. Iveta Mukuchyan (Original Mix)
06. Ercos Blanka – The Last Fall (Lessovsky Remix)
07. Rowee – The Ocean of Mermaids (Original Mix)
08. Jim Rider – In Theory (Original Mix)
09. Pippi Ciez – Riziki (Lost Desert Remix)
10. Navar – Desert Storm (Original Mix)

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