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Giangi Cappai is the creator and producer of the Alma Matris project, who has had worldwide hits in the charts, this project cemented Giangi’s status as one of the worlds techy tribal heavyweights.

With high-end studio work, productions, remixes, and sound designs Giangi is one of the world’s leading music professionals working with world-leading artists, songwriters, and producers.

Giangi continuously is headlining music events, such as the Glitterbox re-grooving and live performance in Ibiza for Barbara Tucker’s 2017 Live Show. Giangi was a long-time resident for over a decade a DJ, creator, and inspirator of the music policy at “RAPIDO The Party”. Hosted at Paradiso Club in Amsterdam (The name Rapido comes from the Alma Matris hit with the same name).

Giangi Cappai’s studio creations and DJ sessions are infused with his afro groovy, deep techy-house beats, with influences of 80’s electronic musicians like Kraftwerk, Brian Eno, Tangerine Dream… and.. last but not least he is still a follower of Italian Futurism!

01. Desert Sun – Modulo
02. Ma – AH – Roberto Palmero
03. Raccoon – Nico Szabo
04. Rebirth – Giangi Cappai
05. Matter of Fact – Foby
06. Sea Line Woman – Javi Colors, Les Brunettes
07. Goy Boyro – Samba Tourè
08. When I Fell N Love – Giangi Cappai
09. Namib – Christian Blunck
10. Andromeda – Andrea Onorati

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