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After year’s of searching for something more,
Hillel Shabtai finally found his answers in the underground.

Music and dance become his way of life.

A suddenly much more spiritual and connected way of life.

After several spiritual dance floor awakenings,
he becomes certain of his mission and calling.

A mission to change the way we party.
A mission to remind us of the magic that surrounds us.
A mission to turn us all back into the divine jungle freaks we are inside.

Music infused with intention, meaning and purpose.

By taking us on a journey of self discovery through sound and rhythm.

And today, that journey starts here.

The final message is simple.
Life is Sacred.
Let’s Dance.

01. Jazz Ensemble – Blackchild (ITA)
02. Jump Up – Hillel Shabtai
03. Fakin’ The Jax – Fyrone
04. Where U At – Phil Weeks ft. Derrick L.Carter
05. You Should Know – Robb Swinga ft. Shea Doll
06. Misdadiger – Yansima 07. Lost In The Zoo – Burnski
08. La Orchestra Fantasma – Guti ft. Greg Paulus & Chucky De Ipola
09. In Da Factory – Leon
10. Play His Game – Gwen Maze & Phil Dark (Adam Shelton Remix)
11. Fire on the Mountain – Hillel Shabtai
12. Bang Bang – Jaded
13. U Won’t C Me – Mystic Bill

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