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Born into a family of musicians, Darren’s musical future was unblurred. Blessed with numerous instruments and recording equipment kept in his childhood home, experimenting and recording in sound came naturally.

His musical tastes, inspirations and productions cover a wide spectrum of music – from techno to reggae and everything in between, his freedom of expression enables him to not be tied to any one particular genre. Darren’s vast creative pallet in turn translates excitingly into his DJ/Live performances, which encompass a familiar point of convergence, yet do not detract from the purposeful journey.

With iconic clubs and festivals such Berghain, Farbic, Glastonbury and Bestival under his belt, 2021 looks to be an exciting year with a treasure trove of new material ready to be released. Watch this space.

01. Get Out Of The Race – Darren Farrow
02. Line Of Fire – Darren Farrow
03. Billy Big – Darren Farrow
04. Ampex (pt.2) – Darren Farrow
05. Year One – Darren Farrow
06. Highly Strapped – Darren Farrow
07. Snake Power – Darren Farrow
08. The Evening Club – Darren Farrow
09. Each and Almost Everything – Darren Farrow
10. The Execution – Darren Farrow
11. Regital – Darren Farrow

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