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Claudio Gasparini was born in Turin in the late eighties. At a young age, he fell in love with electronic music, its atmospheric sounds, hot pads, and melodic leads. At the age of 15, he had already acquired his first decks, and not much later he managed to perform at different parties and at various radio shows. His approach to music confers to the far-reaching and immersive world of keyboards, organs, and synthesizers. He’s currently cultivating his understanding of the synthesis and modulation of sound.

01. Amentia – Miracle D’Hwange (Original Mix)
02. Emotional Tourist & Interlude – Doină (Original Mix)
03. Somelee – Placebo (Original Mix)
04. Amonita – Undine (Original Mix)
05. Hauy – Redpath (Original Mix)
06. Hraach – Hidden Dimension (Kora (CA) Remix)
07. Dhafer Youssef – Wood Talk (In2Deep Interpretation)
08. Nebula (AR) – Tales of Kashmir (Original Mix)
09. Death on the Balcony – Opia (Original Mix)
10. Lessovsky – Fluids (Javier Orduna Remix)
11. M.E.M.O. – Tai Tai (Original Mix)
12. DSF – Acacia (Original Mix)

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