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MOONTIDE is part of the latest  Uone & Western’s ‘The Lone Wranglers – Remix Collection’ to be out June 18th via Beat & Path. Stream and buy here

Born out of a nomadic lifestyle and love for collecting obscure sounds from all around the world, Byron Bay/Melbourne-based multi-instrumentalist and DJ, MOONTIDE is a consummate storyteller, who curates rhythms and lyrical synergies that trace deep currents back to the mountains of the earth.

MOONTIDE’s multi-ethnic collage of sound includes entrancing tribal soundscapes, percussive layers, synthesizers, field recordings, deeply rooted rhythms and chants. His live sets delve deeply into conceptualized narratives, taking his audience on a
transformative, stimulating musical voyage shaped by the different cultures, patterns, sounds, and stories that he has absorbed from across the globe.

“Our Youth”, a deeply conceptualized album based around the recent climate rallies and political uproar, was released in June 2020. It received instant local support charting on radio stations across Australia and received the weekly feature article on the online magazine, Form Music.

01. Duke Elington
02. Rhye – Awake (MOONTIDE Rework)
03. Jula Jacklin – Body (Nathan Hall Rework) EDIT
04. Yasin – Lord Help Me
05. David Darling – Stones Start Spinning (Moontide Edit)
06. Réne Aubry – Lungomare (Barrio Latino Edit)
07. Kusht – Yma Sumac – Birds (Kusht Edit)
08. Yasin – Untitled?
09. Nadav Dagon & JPattersson – The Landing
10. Calavera & Manya – Mir (Original Mix)
11. Yeahman – Soupe Feu
12. Depart – Reign (Okuma Remix)
13. Zen Baboon – Sabode Raia (Original Mix)
14. Rohne – Meru
15. A1ST – Theme of Sun Memory (Original Mix)
16. Uone & Western – Culture of Knights (Marco Tegui Remix)
17. Zen Baboon – Oh It’s Gone (Original Mix)
18. Kerala Dust – Night Bell (Arizona)
19. Stavroz – It Was All a Ruse (Original Mix)
20. MOONTIDE – The Heart Expands To Fit
21. John Fruciante – Before the Beginning

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