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Digital Structures is proud to present ‘Crooked House’ – an album by Electrypnose >

From creamy electronica, to sky soaring singles, the brooding details of the title track and heated gritty melodic voyages, extraordinarily exploring the dialects of house, techno, and progressive.

Testament to the incredible skill and diversity of Electrypnose, ‘Crooked House’ is a true work of passion. A warmth engulfs this entire collection.

Artist Bio:

Switzerland, 2001 – the Electrypnose project was born. Now spanning over 10 full-length albums and hundreds of releases, Electrypnose has made his mark in alternative electronica, chill out, progressive techno, and psytrance. Bred from sheer fascination and passion for sound design, synthesizers, composition, and story-telling, Electrypnose explores the far reaches of electronic music, surpassing limitations, creating distinct and timeless works in every genre.

Having built his foundations with Peak Records, ResonantEarth, and Kabrathar in the early 2000s, fast forward to modern-day and the Electrypnose clan has extended through Digital Structures, Zenon Records, Iboga, Bassic Records, and Techgnosis, to name a few.

Electrypnose’s consistent touring has generated a truly dedicated fan base throughout the globe. Renowned for his explorative live sets through every phase of psychedelia, unforgettable performances include Boom (POR), Ozora (HUN), Rainbow Serpent (AUS), Universo Paralello (BRA), Noisily (UK), Shankra (SWI), Mo:Dem (CRO), Earth Frequency (AUS), Burning Mountain (SWI) and Eclipse (CAN).

All tracks released on Digital Structures

1. Electrypnose – Soothing
2. Electrypnose – Un Peu De Ciel Bleu
3. Electrypnose – More Than I Give Them
4. Electrypnose – The Sun Winking At The Moon
5. Electrypnose – Binary Biscuits
6. Electrypnose – Discipline
7. Electrypnose – Stronger Monster
8. Electrypnose – Untying Knots
9. Electrypnose – Creative People

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