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EG SPOTLIGHT.169 Mia Lunis

Mia Lunis is DJ, producer, agitator, and idealizer of important projects in the electronic scene in São Paulo. Started her DJ life in 2004 playing at important clubs and parties in São Paulo.

2014 she founded Sonido Trópico, after 2 years of producing amazing parties and bringing important names of the electronic scene around the world to Brazil she left the project to dedicate herself to other professional projects, played in the Nomade Festival (Chile) Fusion Festival (Germany) Katzensprung Festival, KaterBlau, Beate Uwe, Burning man and nowadays she is the citizen of the world, founder of World Citizen Agency, curator at Pitaya Rec and partner at Planet Ibiza connecting artists and spreading deep vibrations and strong beats to her audience.

Her sets bring a unique identity with references from Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and Brazil with sophisticated beats and a lot of percussions, Mia Lunis presents a fascinating way to present her story through music flowing through downtempo, deep, afro house, deep house, melodic techno, techno, and other strands.

01. Angelov – Sezon
02. Super flu – Re nue
03. Marcus Meinhardt – Masala
04. Elias Dore – Arpinsaw
05. Sandhog, Aikon – Tartar
06. Sam Shure – Fae
07. High Priest feat And ID – Argy (whitesquare remix)
08. Tunnelvisions – Rain Dance (Super flu remix)
09. Rowa, Sanoi – Thunderbird
10. Jaffer – Hail of way
11. Mass Digital – Dance of spirits
12 . Rauschhaus – waiting for the bird

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