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There are two people behind the DJ-name DER EFFEKT: Marcel Fenkart and Marco Glabonjat. These two Austrians have been well known in the music scene of the Rhine Valley and in Vorarlberg over the last 15 years. In 2006 they got to know each other due to their love towards music and their sensitivity towards electronic music. Since then they’ve been very successful as a DJ-team.

Marcel and Marco call their own music style “experimental electronic club music with a groovy pressure”. This is why one cannot define the exact style of music which is produced by DER EFFEKT but they play Progressive House and Melodic House and Techno.

After a slight change in the scene of electronic music, these two guys from Vorarlberg published their first track called “Help you”. It was their first release, their first performance as DER EFFEKT and at the same time it was on the compilation of “Meet Me At The Loveparade 08”.

Up to now, this DJ-team had the opportunity to draw attention to their music in famous clubs and various events in Austria, Germany and Switzerland. Namely, these are Douala, Artheater, Odenien, Dome, Pratersauna, Conrad Sohm, Streetparade, Amnesia Clubtour and many more. In addition, they had the possibility of playing with Chris Liebling, Monika Kruse, Karotte, Super Flu, Dominik Eulberg and Ida Engberg and many others.

The two artists produce their very impulsive and groovy tracks since 2010. These were published by Circle Music, Frequenca Records, Monza Ibiza Records, Mukke, Keno Rec., Terrazzza,…

01. Sarcasmo – Epilogue (Original Mix) (Awen Records)
02. Noyers – The Feeling (Original Mix) (Sinedie Records)
03. Tamer Fouda – Searching for Oblivion (Original Mix) (Sinedie Records)
04. Der Effekt – Strings of life (Original Mix) (Natura Viva Black)
05. Mangata, Gabriel Filip – Further Above (A-Tonic Remix) (Awen Records)
06. Stefan Biniak – Rescue (Original Mix) (JAW Dropping Records)
07. Der Effekt – Oblivion feat. Tygr Tygr (Original Mix) (Iconyc)
08. Sarcasmo – Undergo (Original Mix) (Awen Records)
09. Dylhen – Code 404 (Original Mix) (UV)
10. Der Effekt – Das Licht (Original Mix) (Movement Recordings)

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