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EG SPOTLIGHT.181 Sammy Legs

“It’s been quite a long time since I’ve released a mix. I’ve written a lot of music since then, a lot of which has taken me towards a new sound. In this mix I hope to catch all of you up on what my dance floor feels like these days. It’s mostly my tunes released or otherwise with a couple others from friends and idols to push the narrative. It’s as authentically my sound as I could pack into one hour. I hope you enjoy it!” – Sammy Legs

01. Sammy Legs – ID
02. Dernis – ID
03. Sammy Legs – Zig or Zag [Trippy Ass Technologies]
04. Sammy Legs – ID
05. Sammy Legs – ID
06. Sammy Legs – ID
07. Sammy Legs – ID
08. Diamandy – Devious (SL Edit) [Digital Structures]
09. Sammy Legs – ID
10. Sammy Legs & Britton – ID
11. Atmos – A Whores Divorce (Dominic Thomas Remix) [Iboga]
12. Sammy Legs – ID
13. Sammy Legs & Malley – Wurmhole [Desert Hearts Black]
14. Sacha Robotti & Sammy Legs – When U Clackin’ (Sammy Legs VIP) [Slothacid]
15. Sammy Legs & Malley – ID
16. Sammy Legs & Britton – Rony Tobbins [Slothacid]
17. Sammy Legs – The Wiggler [Trippy Ass Technologies]
18. Sammy Legs – ID
19. Eitan Reiter – Smile (Yuli Fershtat 2019 Remix) [Digital Structures]

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