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EG SPOTLIGHT.203 u z z v

u z z v, born in Pamplona (SP) and based between London and Ibiza is the head of the British record label 12+1 London. Founded in London 7 years ago, u z z v and the label artists travel around the globe in countries such as Germany, U.S., Colombia, Turkey, Italy, Spain, Mexico, Italy, United Kingdom and many more. The main label 12+1 London and the sub-labels Selenophile and Solina are his most personal projects but he also produced music for labels such as Ad Mairora, Witty Tunes, Whoyostro, Suena Hermosa, PIM and more.

01. u z z v – Ultramarino [AdMaiora]
02. Adiel Mora, Marcel Bustamant – Black Out In Provi [12+1 London]
03. Cristian Merino – Peace, Freedom [Cecille Records]
04. Davide Mentesana – Laboratory [Unreleased / 12+1 London]
05. Phill Prince – Slap TDR [Unreleased / 12+1 London]
06. u z z v – Stay Deep [12+1 London]
07. Ozzie Guven – Dubaholics [Seven Dials Revords]
08. Tiago Walter – I Wanna B With U [JISUL]
09. Jamahr – Ancestral Vision [Vatos Locos]
10. Alex Arnout – Higher Orbit (u z z v Remix) [Unreleased / 12+1 London]
11. Rossi. – Find Your Way [Homegrown]
12. Adiel Mora, Marcel Bustamant – Chilean Bevvy (Spega Remix) [12+1 London]
13. Konov – Adu (F.eht Remix) [12+1 London]
14. Ray Okpara – Subkissed (u z z v Remix) [Unreleased / 12+1 London]

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