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EG SPOTLIGHT.218 Yasin Hazim

Yasin Hazim’s debut album will be available soon via  Lips & Rhythm. Pre-order your copy here.

Growing up around Paris, Yasin Hazim learned about music through both his classical music training at the conservatory & his family’s Moroccan & Algerian roots. It’s from those influences ranging from Leonard Cohen, Keith Jarrett & Jacques Brel to Gnawa music, Abdel Halim Hafez & Reinette l’Oranaise that he draws his own style, ranging from Blues to folk music, sly elements of R&B, to his own blend of psychedelic disco and beyond.

Awash in waves of haunting piano lines and warm chugging drums, Yasin Hazim’s music is a departure of all that is pumped-up, instead drifting along a more circuitous river of melodic emotions and rhythmical movements, taking you on a heartfelt and personal journey.

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