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EG SPOTLIGHT.244 Alaa Jazaeri

Alaa Jazaeri ‘Saba Najd’ EP with Niko Garcia is out now via Dreamers. Get your copy here.

Alaa Jazaeri is a Riyadh-based DJ & Producer who is passionate about crafting sensational musical stories. His multicultural background and travels across the globe have left an impact on his perspective, inspiring him to play between genres and fusions of sounds and ultimately delivering an exciting eclectic experience.

He is the co-founder of “Narratives” a storytelling music platform with a popular mixtape podcast and regular dance & art events which took place in Saudi & Lebanon.
Alaa has recently released his first EP “Saba Najd” with the Argentinian Label “Dreams” in collaboration with Niko Gracia.

01. Directions (Original Mix) – Eddy M
02. Girls – Daniel Meister
03. Atomics (Daniel Meister Remix) – Reto Erni
04. Orange ((MINT JPN Remix) – lefthandsoundsystem, Danny Nectar
05. Late Nights (Original Mix) – Offset (ECU)
06. Phase (Original Mix) – Andrey Loud
07. Arrakeen – Andrey Loud
08. Eyes Contact (Original Mix) Max Cohle
09. Request the Love in Me feat. Caramelli (Mihai Popoviciu Remix) – Death On The Balcony
10. Fighting For Glory (Original Mix) – Baban

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