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Desires co-founder and DJ, Akarsh tells us about his short but noteworthy journey in the Atlanta dance music community. He initially moved to Atlanta from Delhi for college but very soon got embedded in the thriving house music scene here. “The first ever dance music event I ever went to was in an old shady warehouse, hosted by Alley Cat Music. None of my friends at the time had any interest in electronic music so I decided to just go by myself and I had the time of my life there. It quickly became a regular occurrence as a form of escape from all the stress at school”, he recalls. Since then not only has he grown Desires into a brand that is well recognized in the dance music circuit but also has plans of launching a label through it soon.

Known for his ability to create a high-energy dance forward atmosphere, Akarsh prides himself over his sheer range of selections and the seamless blend and flow across the many different genres of dance music. His ear for the groove has brought him to share the stage with several industry stalwarts like Atish, Dana Ruh, Sonja Moonear, Traumer, Dyed Soundorom, Black Loops, Prunk, Felipe Gordon, Be Svendsen, and many more.

In a world where music is constantly evolving, Akarsh has managed to stay relevant and fresh with his unique style. As he continues to evolve their sound and push the boundaries of what’s possible in the music scene, people can expect even greater things to come from this talented DJ.

01. Le Grande Boofont – G String Underbeard
02. Club Simulator – Karaba
03. Rise – Ricardo Villalobos, Tripmastaz, tRicMast
04. Mutual Friends VINYL ONLY – Emanuele Montalto
05. Puede Llegar VINYL ONLY – Juaan
06. Wedstryd (Original Mix) – trecut
07. Sensy Flux VINYL ONLY – Cosmjn
08. Lost Potion VINYL ONLY – Voodoos & Taboos
09. Let the Drums Speak (Butch Remix) – Mighty Dub Katz
10. Synchronising VINYL ONLY – Admo
11. A Bit Spooky – The Trip
12. All I Want – Will & Batty
13. Doubble Troubble (Man_ipulate Remix) – Cosenza
14. Half Boardin’ (Road to Mazuma Mix) – SPF

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