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EG SPOTLIGHT.256 Camilla

Camilla Lubatti, born in Italy but a cosmopolitan at heart, has spent her entire life immersed in the world of music. Her deep passion for music traces its roots back to her father, Bruno Lubatti, a respected guitarist in the Italian Progressive Rock scene of the 70s and 80s, whose influence has profoundly shaped her artistic journey.

Camilla’s love for sound and a strong sense of community have drawn her into vibrant musical scenes in cities such as Turin, Lisbon, Boston, and her current home, New York and Brooklyn. She has graced the stages of various clubs and cities worldwide, including Lisbon, London, Boston, Miami, Washington DC, Cuneo, Genova, Turin, and many more. Her DJ sets are a harmonious blend of classic old-school records and the latest sounds, offering a spacey and acid-heavy experience while leaning into bass-driven, uplifting beats when the moment is right.

Beyond her live performances, Camilla has shared her musical passion by recording podcasts and DJ sets for collectives across the globe. These sonic journeys have reached listeners in diverse locations such as Peru, Canada, Lebanon, the United States (where she currently resides), and her home country, Italy.

In 2021, Camilla achieved a significant milestone by successfully launching “Encrypted,” a series of events in New York. These events quickly gained recognition for their unique atmosphere and the international musical talent they featured. “Encrypted” served as a pivotal moment in her musical journey, laying the groundwork for the upcoming launch of her record label.

Camilla Lubatti’s unwavering dedication to her craft continues to inspire music enthusiasts worldwide. Her evolving creativity, unique energy, and cosmopolitan spirit set her apart in the world of electronic music.


  1. Hi Tee – Data Memory Access  
  2. 20012022 – Reductive Records
  3. Acid Drops – Javiera Meyer
  4. Enter Mode – Lamalice
  5. Drop Break – Salomo
  6. Daily Task – Dande
  7. In Dimensions (Original Mix) – Eric OS
  8. Lightning – Wodda
  9. Square One – Lisene
  10. Irregular Minds – Laars & Cosmic G
  11. Virtual Interactive – Primitive Needs
  12. In Focus – Kepler
  13. Across The Platform (Original Mix) – Sanpe
  14. Naive – Victor.b 
  15. Secret Engagement – Molen
  16. Glow Mid – Asphalt DJ & Gzardin
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