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EG SPOTLIGHT.258 Kancho Club

Kancho Club’s ‘Cobalt’ is now available via Mambo Divino. Stream and download here

Kancho Club is a dynamic live electronic duo from Newcastle, UK, that blends global influences into their sound. Their music is a fusion of afrocentric, Latin, dance, and electronic music, creating a hypnotic journey for listeners.

With their third single, ‘Cobalt,’ released on the Mambo Divino label, featuring the iconic vocals of Andre Espeut, the duo marks a significant milestone in their budding career. The track is a homage to the renowned creative arts space and music venue in Newcastle, which bears the same name.

Kancho Club is comprised of Ben Fitzgerald and Thomas Dixon, who merge their background in traditional Latin and African music with electronic and world music influences. This combination is not just confined to the studio; it comes alive in their captivating live performances, where percussion and saxophone intertwine with their DJ sets.

In addition to ‘Cobalt,’ their previous release ‘Drown,’ featuring neo-soul artist Frankie Jobling, achieved over 10,000 streams, solidifying their reputation as a rising force in the music industry.

01. Moojo, Da Capo – Secret ID
02. Perempay, DaVinChe, Mr.V – This is not a game
03. Atmos Blaq, Massh – Dogon (Part 1)
04. LevyM, Benjy, Emmanuel Jal, Nyaruach, N-You-Up – Guaja
05. Silvano Del Gado – From Jamaica to Brazil Rework 2020
06. Kasango, AUGUSTE, Taylor – Solitude
07. Kancho Club & Andre Espeut – Cobalt
08. AfterU – Mabrook
09. Monkey Safari – Malmedy
10. KEENE – Woe Misik
11. DJ Chus, Joeski, Jimmy Lopez – Creo en Dios
12. Kancho Club – ID
13. Saqib, Bryant Jensen, CERN – Kick it like this (Feat. CERN)
14. Taito Tikaro, Julio Navas – Lameto
15. KEFFI – Infatuate
16. Nolek – Jamaica
17. Bruno Furlan – Bongoloco
18. LO’99, Taiki Nulight – Records U Play
19. MD X-Spress, Jess Bays – God Made Me Phunky (Jess bays Extended Remix)
20. Flashmob – Robots No Stop
21. Ellis Moss – Get Mad
22. DAF (NL) – Bongo Heat
23. Jonathan Jaramillo – Antiquelao
24. Dani Masi – Entao Toma

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