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N3UX (pronounced N-3-U-X) is a prominent French Melodic Techno/Progressive House DJ and producer hailing from Paris, France. Embarking on his musical journey independently in 2017 using FL Studio, he achieved notable success with his debut track, “In The Dark,” released in 2020, which has now amassed over 200,000 streams.

The year 2021 marked a turning point for N3UX, with the release of the hit track “Milky Way,” catapulting him into the spotlight. This momentum continued into 2022, solidifying his position in the industry with the success of “Pure Deep and Real,” collectively amassing over one million streams across all his tracks.

In 2022, N3UX expanded his artistic repertoire by venturing into the world of DJing, gracing renowned venues like Liebe, Badaboum, and International. Notably, his live performances contributed to his growing recognition within the electronic music scene.

Taking a strategic leap in 2023, N3UX decided to transition from independent work to collaborative endeavors with record labels. This shift signifies a pivotal moment in his career, indicating a commitment to further professional growth and industry collaboration.

Beyond his individual musical endeavors, N3UX actively cultivates his influence through the development of playlists focusing on melodic techno/house and deep house. With a dedicated following of over 10,000 people, these playlists showcase N3UX’s ability to curate and connect with a diverse audience.

01. N3UX – Solar [Ultimo Paradiso]
02. N3UX – Beyond The Stars [Dark City Music]
03. N3UX – Cosmos [Ultimo Paradiso]
04. Get The Jackets – Turbulence (N3UX Remix) [Dark City Music]
05. Stone Van Brooken, N3UX – Dilemma [UNRELEASED ID]
06. Spada – I Lose My Mind [Spectrum]
07. N3UX – Nebula [Dark City Music]
08. Stone Van Brooken, Marcus Cito – Rej [Exx Musik]
09. Vlad Starque – Araba Fenice [Ultimo Paradiso]
10. Tanya Andros – Leave The Past Behind (N3UX Remix) [Dark City Music]
11. Spada – Cupole [Ultimo Paradiso]
12. Stone Van Brooken, N3UX – Synesthesia [UNRELEASED ID]
13. AGAP – The Signal (N3UX Remix) [UNRELEASED ID]
14. Coeus – Homecoming [Zamna]
15. N3UX – Milky Way [N3UX Records]

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