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EG SPOTLIGHT.266 Omer Tayar

Omer Tayar is what you call a storyteller, one who uses melodies and rhythms to tell a profound and engaging musical tale.

His journey began at the age of 12, when he first started playing guitar, and it evolved in the years to come as he pursues a DJ career and electronic music production.

As a proud music geek, Omer invested many years as a music collector on the one hand, and as a sound engineer on the other.

With a unique and vast knowledge in both music technology and music history, and with years of experience playing in many venues in his hometown Tel-Aviv and the rest of the world, Omer has built a reputation as a DJ who knows how to light any dance floor on fire, as he fuses slow and deep electronica, space-disco, raw grooves and house bangers into one boiling set.

As a Producer he already released his original music and a few remixes for well-known labels such as ‘Mau House’, ‘Empore’, ‘Compost’, ‘The Garden Of Babylon’, and the best is yet to come.

01. Xinobi – Sugar Code (Luca Saporito Remix)
02. Simone Vitullo, Tanit – Rorogwela (Newman (I Love) Extended Remix)
03. Niv Ast feat. M.Love – Behind The Grace (Deer Jade Remix)
04. Fulltone – Till My Baby Gets Back (Original Mix)
05. South Bloom – Let Me In (Volen Sentir Secret Technique)
06. Dandara, K2W0 – Groove in G (Maori Remix)
07. Omri Guetta & Takiru – Never Enough
08. Darlyn Vlys – Togedemaru (Original Mix)
09. Bákayan, Groove Shack – Doppelganger (Original Mix)
10. Luca Saporito – All I Feel
11. Omri Smadar & Uriah Klapter – How The Brain Works

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