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DP-6 is a music project founded in 2000 by Vadim Indigo and Alexey Filin.

Musical tastes of the project participants were formed under the influence of the electronic scene of the 90s. it is reflected in their music that combines atmospheric and machine sounds. The defining moment for DP-6 was in 2003, when the first project‘s record was released, and a few years later the track DP-6 became a part Hernan Cattaneo’s Renaissance compilation, which was well accepted on electronic scene. Alexey and Vadim are also the founders of the label DP-6 Records, which publishes not only their own tracks, but also music of other artists.

01. Notamous – Oasis (Original Mix) [RYNTH]
02. Khaaron – Extraneus [Ready Mix Records]
03. Budakid, Westseven – Quixotic [When We Dip XYZ]
04. Freedo Mosho & DP-6 – Hidden Manna [Electronic Groove]
05. Hicky & Kalo – Borealis (Nick Warren & Nicolas Rada Remix) [Plaisirs Sonores]
06. Matias Burna – Tatum (Original Mix) [Electronic Groove]
07. Aman Anand & Bondarev – Warpp (Greenage Remix) [WARPP]
08. Roger Martinez – Dimensional (Original Mix) [Higher States]
09. Maezbi – Listen to Me (Vadim Indigo dub edit) [Plattenbank]
10. Digital Mess – Find Yourself (Original Mix) [Mango Alley]
11. Bjork – Pagan Poetry (Eli Nissan Remix)

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