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EG SPOTLIGHT.269 Diego Knows

Diego Knows, a New York native, Co-founder of FUNKY PEOPLE and the brain behind Cut-Line, is a citizen of the world. Diego brings global house vibes; always energetic, funky, and groovy. Drawing inspiration from his travels and tours through Europe, Diego has honed in on a style that reflects his early influences from house, techno, electro, acid, breaks & minimal.

Launching Cut-Line in 2015, Diego had early success performing and hosting events in New York’s famed Panther Room at Output. By 2018, Diego teamed up with Sergio Santos forming FUNKY PEOPLE, a monthly party at TBA Brooklyn, boasting an eclectic FUNKY track selection and vibe. Almost immediately, the duo teamed up with Jeremy Ismael and began performing as FUNKY PEOPLE, playing top venues around New York City and the United States.

The same year, Diego began touring Europe and releasing music with lifelong friend Maják on labels like Yoyaku, Decay, Street King, Wildfamily, Staybad, As.If, Good Luck Penny, & Fine Mode with an up-coming release on Superfreq. Any excuse to dance will have Diego moving and grooving; you’ll find him first to the floor or amidst the crowd mid-party when he is not behind the decks. Those interpersonal dance floor interactions are what Diego lives for and believes it is our responsibility as a DJ/host of the party to reciprocate and create the energy that will have you dancing all night long.

Recently reshaping his own productions with lifelong friend and production partner Maják, their latest on Yoyaku YoY is a small taste of what you can expect from this duo’s next set of releases. The two started looking for aliens at the age of 8, became fascinated by electronic music in their early teens, and began producing by age 18. Always a dancer turned producer, Diego found DJing in his mid-20s as it was the natural next step to channel his musical creativity in a way that would further connect with the people of the world.

Fast forward more than a decade later, Diego has performed at top venues around the world and is forever on the quest to experience and connect on his journey through music.

01. Pedro Goya – MGM [TLMT12001]
02. Bruno – Magnetic Pole Motion [CDFT001]
03. Jorge Caiado – Wild Card [CARPET10]
04. Connor Mikami & Michi – January Blues [IYKYK001]
05. Spincycle – Making Faces [MCO60]
06. Paradise City Breakers – Jackzone Poizone [HELMET_12]
07. Iteration X – Liquid Logic [EVA008]
08. Rompante – Friends & Sex [MAD002]
09. Huerta – Freak Emotion [TSOL LP2]
10. Astral Wayne – Dope Ass Gyro [SILKYBEATS001]
11. Untitled [MAD001]
12. B.Love & Charleze – IC3D [BIZR004]
13. Niki IL B – Http [SSL-013]
14. Velvet Velour – Plumbs [SILKYBEATS001]
15. Standing in the Water – Destiny Frogs [DDL-04]
16. Untitled [DUMMY02]
17. Polythree – Stick Around (New Wave Mix) [MW020]

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