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Everything is connected. For DJ/producer MonSanto, his musical journey began at the ripe age of nine years old with his passion for inline skating, which brought him to watch videos of pro-skaters with punk-rock music playing in the background. Intrigued by this new sound of punk-rock, at the age of thirteen he picked up his first guitar and formed a punk rock band Darkmiracle at the age of sixteen which lasted for 8 years.

Fast forward to 2005. MonSanto walked into his very first electronic music event where Frank Lorber was performing. Right then and there, it clicked. MonSanto was inspired to learn how to DJ. He quickly immersed himself into the intimate underground music scene of his hometown Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.

Sixteen years later, MonSanto is building momentum on his artistic journey with having opened for renowned artists such as Danny Tenaglia and Christian Voldstad. Breaking into the Toronto and Montreal underground scene, MonSanto has performed at music festivals and events such as AIM Music Festival, Husa Sounds and many more. With musical influences such as Hernan Cattaneo, John Digweed, Sasha and Steve Lawler, MonSanto’s deep infectious grooves permeate the dance floor. The energy exchange MonSanto passionately exudes while performing is unparalleled. Captivating the crowd is his superpower.

Production wise, MonSanto is inspired by the soundscapes which surround him, along with infinite creative downloads on the daily. His last EP ‘Padelia’ [Phantom Deck Records, 2020] is a dance floor romance, which reveals a delicious taste of what’s to come in 2022. MonSanto’s sound is exceptionally full of deep, sultry, melodic grooves. Stay tuned for new releases and international gigs on the horizon in 2024.

01. Hermit – Couldn’t Love You More [TFD036]
02. Unknown Artist – B1 Unknown [TELUM010]
03. UNKNOWN – Aaa001A [OMM006]
04. Izaakson – She Said (Sepp Remix) [MEMLTD006]
05. Zone+ – Well Well Well [UZVAR007]
06. D I N – Biotopia [MICR006]
07. Mihai Popoviciu – Elevation Zero [BOND12068]
08. Cristina Lazic – Wallball [RBL092]
09. Job De Jong – Zero Gravity (Mateo Dufour Remix) [DIGITALMAN21]
10. Pornbugs, Frink – See Through My Eyes (Miroloja Remix) [BOND12072]
11. Ross Couch – Deeper Frequencies [BRR194]
12. Unknown Artist – Kcik 37-B
13. Unknown – A1 Mmbl [MR004]

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