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Strath is a Melbourne-born, London-based artist, producer and DJ creating euphoric, story-driven dance music. After temporarily relocating to Los Angeles, he began producing for Channel Tres, Pawpaw Rod and more before eventually being signed to Godmode as an artist. In 2023 Strath released his debut EP with the label, opened for SG Lewis and Channel Tres, and performed DJ sets in Melbourne and Amsterdam.

In April he released his 2nd EP, ‘I Thought It Would Never End’ a conceptual dance record that takes readers on a surreal rollercoaster ride. He now prepares for his debut live set in London in May, and awaits a flurry of releases this year from producing in the UK dance scene.

01. Karl Jenkins, Adiemus – Kayama
02. Daft Punk – Superheroes
03. Zisko – Telepathic Connection
04. Reflekt – Need To Feel Loved
05. Strath – In Another Life
06. Sleep D – Border Control (Ahora Si)
07. Shygirl – MR USELESS (Strath version)
08. Disposable Disco Dubs – Chatline
09. Mona Yim & Strath – ID
10. Caribou – Honey
11. DJ Antoine Vs. Mad Mark Pres. Pizza Boys – La Chitira (E. Craig Remix)
12. Pangea – Still Flowing Water
13. Snow Strippers – Keep Holding On
14. Strath – One Last Time

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