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EG SPOTLIGHT.279 Max Grillo

Max Grillo’s musical journey began at the age of 11 when he first encountered a black mixer with colorful buttons in a hypermarket. This moment sparked a deep desire within him, even though he didn’t yet know how to use the equipment. Two years later, his dream came true when he brought home that very mixer, which included two tape recorders and a turntable. This marked the beginning of his foray into music mixing.

Grillo’s passion for music led him to frequent local music stores, where he listened to vinyl records. Despite financial constraints, he saved his snack money to buy one record each week. His initial interest in dance music gradually expanded to include funky sounds. A pivotal moment in his musical development came in 1987 when he discovered a record titled “Who’s That Beat?” featuring the track “Your Love” by Frankie Knuckles. This track, unbeknownst to him at the time, would become a cornerstone of the House music genre and profoundly alter his musical perspective.

As Grillo’s involvement in music deepened, he began to achieve recognition in clubs. His relentless pursuit of musical knowledge led him to explore Techno and Tech-House by the early 2000s. However, in 2000, Grillo decided to step away from the music scene to focus on family commitments, feeling the strain of balancing his dual roles.

Two decades later, in December 2020, Grillo’s passion for music reignited. Upon visiting an audio systems store, he discovered modern controllers, vastly different from the turntables and mixers he had once known. This reawakening marked the beginning of “Max Grillo 2.0.” Embracing the digital age, he navigated new music platforms and online environments, driven by a passion stronger than ever before.

Today, Grillo continues to share his emotions and musical journey through his sets, reflecting his enduring love for music and his evolution as an artist.

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