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It is a duo made up of Lucas Agostini and Milagros Espada. AXATIPE It comes from the Seri language, it is an indigenous North American language spoken in Mexico (Sonora) @axatipemusic has a history, a deep meaning, and a lot of value. It is a word/mantra, linked to Shamanism and its connection with the Infinite Universe, emitting a message of Love, Connection, Light, and Harmony.

That is why he seeks to convey emotions and create that connection with the public through a sound journey where afro percussions and deep melodies achieve a tension of sensations, and then release them through a dark groove crossed by subtle and happy melodies.

In a short time, they managed to share the booth with great exponents such as Blancah, Paul Deep, Kamilo Sanclemente, Marcelo Vasami, Tomy Whal, Magdalena, Jack Mood, Elio Riso, Nicolás Taboada, Dante Filacanavo, and on 03/13 they will be in charge of the Warm Up in @experience to an international reference of the genre: ZAC

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