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In the thriving music hub of Miami, Josefina stands tall as one of the emerging star DJs, her ascent fueled by an insatiable passion for beats and melodies. As one of the standout students within Shyft’s esteemed DJ academy, Josefina’s dedication and talent have placed her at the forefront of the city’s burgeoning music scene.

Hailing from Argentina, her style reflects a progressive fusion, weaving together her cultural roots with innovative sounds that resonate across diverse audiences. Shyft, renowned for nurturing exceptional talent, continuously produces notable artists year after year, and Josefina exemplifies this tradition with her exceptional promise. Beyond her remarkable technical skills, it’s Josefina’s infectious charisma and radiant smile that become an intrinsic part of her allure, setting her apart as a DJ poised for an immensely promising career.

01 – Alex O’Rion – Librium
02- Redspace, ISMAIL.M – Azimuth
03 – Hernan Cattaneo & Mercurio – Away
04 – Agustin Pietrocola – Reload
05 – Ev Rymd & Joono – Ymir
06 – Tali Muss & Mayro – Fantom
07 – Andres Moris – The Choice
08 – Three Little Notes – Jungle Histeria
09 – Redspace – Unknown Planet (Nicolas Viana Remix)
10 – GMJ – Stege Flight (Jiminy Hoop Remix)
11- Jiminy Hoop – Colatrix (Matter Remix)
12 – kamilo Sanclemente, Juan Pablo Torrez – Mantura
13- Leandro Murua & Venao – Night Garden Flowers

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