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Venezuelan DJane. Caracas born and raised since 1995, where she started developing her artistic talent that has surpassed borders, leading up for her to set current residence in Miami, Florida. With a natural talent for musical production and insatiable curiosity, Cristal Power has become a reference in the night scene for +6 years. All, due to her great taste and clean technique, influenced by tech & deep house, always adding her distinctive signature.

Cristal Power, precise in her technique and fresh in proposal, has managed to position herself in multiple and exclusive scenarios worldwide, in private events and the nightlife, starting in her own country, Venezuela, in the most influential cities, such as: Caracas, Valencia, Margarita, Puerto La Cruz, Maracaibo, among others. Likewise, in other cities all around the continent of the sort of: Panama City, Dallas, Miami, Houston, Orlando, LA, and the Dominican Republic.

Cristal kickstarted her career with an innate curiosity, trying to find the means to express herself and that’s how she submerges in musical production. She started modeling rhythms and melodies that go from dancing beats to strong and energetic sounds that create unique and emotional scenarios for memorable celebrations.

01. Bedouin – Whistleman (Original Mix)
02. Nicolas Jaar – And I Say (Original Mix)
03. Javier Light – Summer Of Africa (Original Mix)
04. Band&dos – Make Love (Original Mix)
05. Minas Portokalis – Te Quiero (Original Mix)
06. Javier Light – Ven Aqui! (Original Mix)
07. The Rivera Project – Puerto Rico Vibe (Robbie Rivera Original Mix)
08. Ethan (UK) – Drummer (Original Mix)
09. La Ratonera feat. P.Rivas (Original Mix)
10. KEENE, Gonzo-Gonzo – Sand (Floyd Lavine Remix)
11. Floyd Lavine, Awen – Kusimama (Original Mix)
12. Sante Sansone – You Are Back (Okabi Remix)
13. Allans Marquez, Gabriel Dominguez – Paraiso (Original Mix)
14. Javier Light, Gabriel Dominguez, Davis P – Bandera Negra (Original Mix)
15. DJ Wady, Afroloko – Dice (Original Mix)
16. Sebo K – Diva (Original Mix)
17. Ismael Dewler – Se Magnifica (Original Mix)

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