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Electronic Groove Presents Castaway At Miami Music Week

Electronic Groove presents Castaway at Miami Music Week

Electronic Groove is pleased to announce Castaway’s MMW edition at Wynwood’s Proyecto Tulum featuring a stellar lineup.

On March 31st, Electronic Groove will be presenting one of Miami’s most acclaimed open-air gatherings, Castaway. The event will reunite a group of worldwide renowned artists led by Magit Cacoon, DAVI, Holmar back-to-back Tara Brooks, and Nikita.

Castaway has been one of Miami’s most successful events series using outdoor venues such as rooftops, yachts and the most famous one, ‘The Island Party’. Leading with their motto ‘Think Outside the Club’, its crew has partnered with Electronic Groove to curate a lineup that showcases some of the hottest talent, closing Miami Music Week with proper vibes.

Supporting this solid lineup are brand residents Kike Roldan, Atomyard and Puma who will be warming and welcoming guests on this distinctive event.

About the venue, Proyecto Tulum is a space where art, gastronomy, mixology, music and fashion merge in one hidden place located in the middle of the Wynwood Art District, beating of Tulum’s vibrations.

Doors will be open at 1PM until 3AM, grab your tickets here.

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