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Electronic Groove presents ‘Music Legends’ Spotify playlists

An in-depth look into the sound of selected artists throughout their careers.

Electronic Groove is proud to expand on its collection of closely curated playlists with the introduction of the ‘Music Legends’ series. Here, we take a deeper look into the sound and personal progression of artists that have made an indelible contribution to house, techno, and their sub-genres.

Featuring top names like Carl Cox, Hernan Cattaneo, Miss Kitin, Anja Schneider, and Nick Warren, our playlists span across their early years, on to their favorite picks from iconic shows and compilations, and on to their self-produced bangers and showstoppers, our ‘Music Legends’ series showcase the significance and legacy of these artists.

Click here to visit EG’s Spotify page and listen to the ‘Music Legends’ playlists below.

Anja Schneider

Miss Kttin

Nick Warren

Hernan Cattaneo

Carl Cox

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