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Electronic Groove Records releases ‘Cadmium’

Produced by Electric Dada and Da Luka.

Electronic Groove Records (EGR) is thrilled to announce the release of their captivating new EP entitled ‘Cadmium,’ a collaboration between Electric Dada and Da Luka.

Crafted by Freedo Mosho & Marway, ‘Cadmium’ presents smooth ripples colliding against a powerful groove. The deep and shimmering soundscape immerses listeners, as pulsating deep stabs and radiant keys unveil well-kept secrets during a breathtaking breakdown.

Matias Chilano provides a second interpretation of ‘Cadmium,’ intensifying the experience with a steady groove, intoxicating textures, and exquisite sound design.

The EP also includes Electric Dada & Da Luka’s original piece, taking center stage. Fueled by a powerful groove, this dynamic duo weaves a gripping tale with cascading synth lines against an irresistible backdrop. They amplify the impact with a lush break, allowing the true essence of ‘Cadmium’ to flourish before delivering a sensational finale.

Listen to ‘Cadmium’ below and get your copy here.

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